Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inference of patience part 3 (Тэвчээрийн гаргалгаа 3-р хэсэг)

Your work is still continuing. Now you seem that you’ve reached your limit and very difficult to continue the work. Your brain is always full of negative thoughts like; you’ve done well enough; rest time; you are honored this reward; you are far better than that old man. Your body and mind wants you and persuades you to rest awhile. You just stop there. Take a deep breath and look at the window. Lose all your thoughts and feelings for a moment, and stare at the window. The window has come near. You may hear the voice of your dream world that is there in the window even not a single detail from your imagination is missed. Now, you wish and imagine more that you are already there. Wish that your imagination already has come real. Imagine all things are real. If you can so, you could find faith to go farther like you found it the time you saw the window. Only this stage you are able to create your deepest wish and faith again, if so, you are able to pull out all negative thoughts from you. Create wish, desire and faith that could even flow out from your mind and body. Give no chance to negative thoughts could stay near to you. Your entire surrounding atmosphere should be full of your desire and faith. If you don’t, you are going to experience what old man has done. Not to do so, you have to understand it from others such as old man. You continue your ladder with full of faith. The lightning world has come. The window is just front of you. You walk through the window ever happily with deep feeling.

За тэгээд өөрийнхөө шатыг үргэлжлүүлж барьсаар л. Та маш их ядрана. Толгойгоор дүүрэн чи хангалттай хийсэн болсон, одоо амар, чи ийм гавъяатай, чам шиг ийм өндөрлөгт хүрсэн хүн байхгүй, тэр өвөөг л харалдаа гэх мэт сөрөг бодол байнга дагалдсаар л. бие сэтгэл 2 хоёулаа шаардана үргэлж ятгана.

Inference of patience part 2 (Тэвчээрийн гаргалгаа 2-р хэсэг)

You are starting to build your ladder. Completing your ladder may take one, two, and three days, or two to three months, or it may be about three to five years. Or you will spend your whole life. Surely, growing ladder one brick by one brick will bring you closer to the window moment by moment. At same time, the window slowly goes away from you. The window will never stop. Constructing ladder is not easy work. You, with your hands, have to carry bricks and cements little by little but no crane and no mechanics. You may get exhausted and you need a rest. You start to pity yourself by thoughts like; I have done a lot of work; tried so hard; I should be awarded to rest; I am honored to receive this respect. You are the decision maker to yourself there but no any bosses. Now, you’ve given permission and began to rest awhile. You are lying down on the ladder, starring at up, and dreaming. You are proud of your work. Then, you looked around, and noticed that fog has gone, and darkness got moonlight. You may see some people around who hasn’t found its’ window yet, then, you would feel proud of yourself and happy you are not like any others. Please, hold a moment and check down of your ladder. 

Inference of patience part 1 (Тэвчээрийн гаргалгаа 1-р хэсэг)

Inference of patience
Тэвчээрийн гаргалгаа

Patience! What is this to you? How well do you know about it? We know that sometimes we could have a great patience dealing with difficult situations, but sometimes we unwillingly make mistakes and hurt our loved one because a lack of patience even though we realize. Proverbs from elders tell about that we should overcome ourselves, we ought to be enthusiastic, powerful, and we better lose our bad habits and characteristics. Such related words we have already enough. But how many of us follow the words? If you are one out of the group, how come you cannot do the thing other do! You are human as others. I am pretty sure of 100 percent that some of you may have confusion about finding patience from you, like me, like others.

Тэвчээр. Чухам энэ юу вэ? Та үүнийг хир сайн мэдэх вэ? Заримдаа хаанаас гэдэг нь мэдэгдэхгүй та биднээс ямар их агуу тэсвэр тэвчээр гардаг мөртлөө заримдаа мэдээд байгаа хирнээ өөрсдөө харамсаж, хайрт нэгнээ эмзэглүүлсэн алдаа гаргах үед тэр л тэвчээр дутагдсанаас болсоныг ойлгодог. Хүн өөрийгөө ялан дийлэх хэрэгтэй л гэдэг. Хүн хөдөлмөрч хичээнгүй нугарашгүй байх хэрэгтэй л гэдэг. Хүн муу зан чанараа дарж барьж сурах хэрэгтэй гэж бас ярьдаг сургадгийг та бид бишгүй л сонссон. Гэтэл бид биелүүлдэг нь хэд билээ. Бид бүгдээрээ хэнээс дутсан гэж хүнээс өөр амьтан гэж бусдын чаддагийг чадахгүй байгаан бол. Магадгүй зарим нэг нь над шиг бас бусад шиг тэвчээр гэдэг зүйлийг хаанаас олж яаж бий болгодог юм бол гээд бодоод эргэлзээд сууж байгаа гэдэгт би 100 хувь итгэлтэй байна.